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Utilizing Categories on WikiMo

Categories are an underutilized feature on the Mozilla Wiki. Though the User Survey just closed (with well over 700 responses!), a cursory view through the results reveals that users and contributors would like the WikiMo’s search capabilities improved. A first step towards this goal and for the service of better information architecture, one of my task items is to create a guide and screencast about creating and using categories.

My single blocker is typical: you begin to write on a topic that seems simple, but reveals itself to have much complexity. For the guide and screencast, I will focus on SPAM. We have a new SPAM template that flags suspicious pages for bureaucrats and admins. Within the SPAM template, Category:Spam is defined. That way pages that are flagged are automatically logged into the SPAM category listing.

I’ve been considering other wiki-wide projects with which to address and demonstrate the power of Categories. Tracking documentation of projects is one. Though a project may now be documented on the Mozilla Developer Network, outdated or just older pages could be flagged with an MDN category. The MDN category would alert WikiMo users that the most up-to-date information is no longer on the wiki but now at MDN.

I plan to record the screencast this week using the current implementation of the Vector theme.