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WikiMo User Survey

Questions of Clarity

The Wiki Working Group has launched the Mozilla Wiki User Survey 2014. The survey is designed to get insight into who is using the wiki, how often, and their satifaction with it in its current state.

One of the more difficult parts of designing a survey is narrowing down the questions that will lead to actionable tasks. As I wrote in my proposal, my work at WWG centers around the questions of clarity

Who is using the wiki?
How are they using the wiki?

Are these users active contributors? How is WikiMo positioned in their workflow. I would have liked to have launched or had the survey ready for launch in the beginning of the week, but configuring the survey took me longer than I anticipated. Every time I came back to the survey after a break, I discovered something new about Survey Gizmo, the platform that is powering the survey.

The survey will be up for two weeks or longer depending on the number of responses we receive.