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Survey Announcement

Mozilla Wiki User Survey 2014

The Mozilla Wiki User Survey has launched! This survey is designed to gain insight at who is using Mozilla Wiki (aka WikiMo) and how. The survey will be up until 21 July 2014 at 12pm PT (17:00 UTC).

Since its formation in March 2014, the Wiki Working Group has been focusing on ways to improve WikiMo, making it more accessible and easier to document and share work. While much progress has been made including the elimination of spam accounts, it is imperative that we capture a snapshot of current wiki users and their usage in order to continue forward.

A survey will benefit us in several ways:

  • We will get a glimpse at the types of contributors——paid or volunteer——and users interacting with the wiki.
  • WWG will receive feedback from the community on what types of support will improve their wiki experience.
  • Reveal patterns of usage that will inform development of best practices and education materials about the wiki.

If you haven’t, please fill out the survey