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Outreach Program for Women Internship at the Mozilla Wiki Working Group

The Beginning

My First Week at Mozilla

To start, I just want to reiterate how excited I am to be working with Mozilla and the GNOME Foundation! Having attended several meetings so far and speaking with my mentor, Christie Koehler, I will learn so much about community building, managing wikis, information architecture and about the Mozilla project.

My first weeks at Mozilla have been a bit bumpy, I must admit. The ITP Spring Show was May 19th and 20th and then I visited family over the Memorial Day weekend. I don’t feel behind perse, but I am grateful to have a ticket to attend Wikiconference. It will be a great kickoff.

My tasks this week have revolved around reviewing my initial proposal for the summer internship. I am using Trello to label identify dependencies and sort tasks into two categories, ones to be completed during the internship and those that cannot be completed within the 12 weeks. Here is the link: Main Trello Board.

This first update is pretty brief. I will be micro-blogging during Wikiconference. A detailed report of the ammended tasks will be the next post.

Cheers to what I know will be a great, busy, and productive summer!